Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Union at the NY Sofitel

A good story on the role of the union in protecting workers like the woman allegedly assaulted by DSK.

The NPA Shrinks

Not so long ago, the NPA looked like THE growth party on the far left. It has rapidly lost militants, however, and is now about a third the size it was two years ago, to judge by the number of people turning out for its local conventions. The reasons for the collapse, as far as I can tell: the resignation of Olivier Besancenot as spokesperson, the rapid rise of the Front de Gauche, and internal dissension over such issues as allowing candidates wearing headscarves to represent the party.

Can French Haute Cuisine Survive?

A chef in Nîmes has turned in his Michelin star and lowered his prices in a bid to survive the downturn.

Bosses Like the Euro

Here. Germans and French together.

Blog Hiatus

I will be in California until Monday evening, so blogging will be sporadic.



The UMP Attacks the PS Primaries

The UMP attack on the Socialist primaries bores me almost as much as the primaries themselves, but here and here are two thorough articles on why the UMP has its knickers in a twist.

Why do the primaries bore me? Because they are yet another delaying tactic, in which the Socialists can continue their favorite sport of magnifying the small differences among them while putting off yet again the business of developing a coherent strategy on which to run against Sarkozy and Le Pen without alienating the voters of the extreme left, center, and ecological parties, whose votes they will need in the second round. The longer they put off establishing a party identity in the minds of voters, the more difficult their task becomes.