Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bio of Tristane Banon


John Bowen on the European Turn against Multiculturalism


One of the many signs of the rightward creep of Western European politics is the recent unison of voices denouncing multiculturalism. German Chancellor Angela Merkel led off last October by claiming that multiculturalism “has failed and failed utterly.” She was echoed in February by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron. All three were late to the game, though: for years, the Dutch far right has been bashing supposedly multicultural policies.

Cf. Mediapart's analysis ($) of Sarkozy's changed approach.

DSK Accuser Suing Post

DSK's accuser will sue the NY Post for alleging that she is a prostitute.

New Blog

Some friends of mine have started a new blog to which I want to call your attention: The Current Moment. Here is their mission statement:

The aim of the blog is to explore contemporary trends in political economy at the national, regional and global level. We hope the blog will serve as a useful resource for bringing together empirical material on current trends and for exploring their political consequences. In the longer term, we want to explore and perhaps go beyond some of the concepts like neoliberalism, globalization, and financialization that have been used to understand the developments of the past decades.We envisage the blog as a collective enterprise and would welcome anyone wishing to contribute posts.In the meantime, we look forward to engaging and debating with you via the blog.

Further Changes to the Maid's Story

Read it yourself. I don't know if this helps or hurts her veracity, but it is puzzling.

Isn't That Special? UMP Goes for "Social Democracy"

The UMP's 2012 presidential convention opens today, and, lo and behold, its theme will be "social democracy." I guess the idea was to muddy the waters and preempt any Socialist move to occupy the social democratic terrain by claiming "social democracy" for the Right. In the good old days, when "social democrat" was held to be synonymous with "social traitor" by the revolutionary Left, many on the left would have agreed. And indeed, definitional ambiguity is perhaps unavoidable here, since by US standards, the French right could in some respects be seen as social democratic by comparison even with the American left (owing to support for single-payer medical coverage, free higher education and day care, strict banking regulation, public ownership of key industrial firms, etc.). But still ... have you no shame, UMP? Have you no shame?

Is He Out or Not?

France2 reported last night that DSK had told "friends" he was out of the running for the French presidency, come what may in New York. Martine Aubry "discreetly" let it be known that DSK had told her the same thing. But Strauss-Kahnien Jean-Marie Le Guen "categorically denies that DSK could have said such a thing."

Business as usual chez les Socialistes.

Reformist Socialism

Histoire@Politique has a special issue devoted to the history of reformist socialism in France. Until recently, this was a neglected subject owing to suspicions attaching to the idea of reform (as opposed to revolution) on the left.

Rape Investigations in France

Rapes in France are handled by the Police Judiciaire, which has no equivalent of the NYPD Special Victims Unit but does have its own procedures and methods, detailed in this Mediapart article ($).

Journalism by Tristane Banon

Curious. It seems that Tristane Banon, DSK's French accuser, published a story in Atlantico last March about the difficulty of finding a "real man" in the 21st century. Atlantico, you will recall, is the magazine that published the pictures of DSK entering a Porsche in the week before his arrest and that was the first to receive news of his arrest in New York via a tweet from a young UMP militant who had a friend working at the Sofitel.