Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DSK: Does the Time Line Make Sense?

Not according to this reconstruction.

Union Backs Maid

The union representing Sofitel workers, accused by the Post of culpable involvement in the case, has now replied to this charge:

And finally, late Tuesday night, Peter Ward, president of the union representing the accuser, issued a statement, throwing the union’s weight behind its member, and announcing, for the first time, that the woman at the center of the case was referred to the Sofitel, where the maid said the sexual assault took place, by the highly respected humanitarian organization, The International Rescue Committee.

Rebuttal Re Hollande

I've characterized François Hollande's recent proposals re more autonomy for the social partners in negotiations as a "neoliberal" version of social democracy. Bernard Girard vigorously disagrees, and he makes a good case. So I will pull in my horns pending further clarification from Hollande of what his program really is. Thus far, like Romain Pigenel, I've found the Socialist debate lackluster. I hope that there will be some more pointed exchanges between the candidates before October, and once the DSK ruckus fades from the front pages (may it please the gods).

French Law and DSK: An Excellent Analysis by Diner's Room

Jules of Diner's Room gives a quick but thorough lesson in French law concerning sexual assault and slanderous allegations. My layman's reading is that the charge of attempted rape is likely to be thrown out because, even on Banon's account, there was no attempted penetration, so the alleged acts, if they took place, should be classified as agression sexuelle, on which the statute of limitations has run. But the criminal charge could lay the basis for a later civil charge, which would still be receivable.

Second, it's not clear why DSK's lawyers filed a counter-charge of dénonciation calomnieuse rather than diffamation.

Not being an expert in French law, I may not have this exactly right, but I'm sure Jules will correct me if I've misrepresented him. In any case, I'm grateful for a very illuminating post.

Pigenel Asks: Where's the Campaign?

With characteristic astuteness, Romain Pigenel explains his disappointment with the Socialist campaign to date. It's not all DSK's fault.

The Guérini Affair