Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Anti-Semitism in France?

Robert Zaretsky uses the recent polemic between Alain Finkielkraut on one side and Alain Badiou and Eric Hazan on the other as an occasion to revisit the history of French intellectual constructions of anti-Semitism. I use the word "constructions" deliberately, because the relation of these evolving polemics to the underlying reality is an elusive and much-debated topic. Those who have followed this story over the years won't learn anything new from Zaretsky's essay, but to those who haven't, this is a valuable recap and introduction.

Here's the TV debate to which Zaretsky refers:

Lifted from Comments: Stamping Out "Immigrant Music"

MYOS sends the following alarming bit of news:

It's not related to debt and unemployment but it's interesting nevertheless:
a "député" wants to control "types of music by bands whose members are of immigrant origin".

I thought it was a joke because it's offensive on so many levels, but it's not. And he's not FN-related, apparently. I'm wondering what's keeping him from joining?

Speaking of Debts and Deficits