Sunday, August 21, 2011

Winning the Pot

It looks as though Pres. Sarkozy is about to win his Libyan gamble:

Les rebelles libyens occupent le quartier de Tajoura, à l'est de Tripoli, d'après un envoyé spécial de la chaîne Al Jazeera et un témoin, cité par l'AFP. Selon celui-ci, les pro-kadhafi pilonnent régulièrement le quartier, mais la situation est sous le contrôle des insurgés.
Ironic that one of his first successes as president was to strike a deal with Qaddafi about the Bulgarian nurses. Now he is about to oust the dictator he had initially tried to tame and bring inside the tent. Now, to profit from the victory with a nice, juicy oil and gas deal ...

Loose Ends in the DSK Case

Enumerated here. If, as expected, the DA asks for a dismissal on Tuesday, we may never know if these are actual discrepancies in this or that narrative or mere "noise."