Monday, August 29, 2011

Rocard: DSK Is "Obviously Mentally Ill"

Lors de l'émission Le Grand Journal de Canal+, M. Rocard a déclaré : "Cet homme a visiblement une maladie mentale", éprouvant des "difficultés à maîtriser ses pulsions. C'est dommage, il avait un vrai talent, c'est vrai".

See at 10:55 in the clip below:

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Greenpeace Rates the Candidates

Greenpeace rates the candidates on a variety of green-related issues. The overall rating is worthless, because a number of the candidates did not respond on specific issues or have not taken public positions. But the answers to questions in specific categories will give you a sense of each candidate's overall orientation. I am not in sympathy with Greenpeace's overall orientation, so these aren't the questions I would have asked, however. In particular, I disagree with the intransigent anti-nuclear line. A more finally nuanced policy on nuclear power is essential, given France's current heavy reliance on nuclear for electricity, and this is one thing I will be looking for as the campaign proceeds. The nuclear industry is also one in which France holds a significant comparative advantage.

Be patient. The Greenpeace Web app is rather slow in moving from question to question.

Obama Coordinating with Europe, IMF, Fed?

It seems that Barack Obama has been working behind the scenes to persuade Angela Merkel to emphasize austerity a little less and stimulus a little more. He's also been talking to Ben Bernanke and Christine Lagarde, both of whom have recently said that the global economy is slowing and more stimulus action by governments is needed. Now, if only he could bring the ECB on board (see previous post), and if only these commitments were more substantial than they are likely to be, we might be getting somewhere.

Surowiecki Slams the ECB

Criticizing the European Central Bank is easy sport, and James Surowiecki doesn't break a sweat doing it.

Critique of Mélenchon Economic Policies

My friends at The Current Moment analyze Jean-Luc Mélenchon's approach to the European debt crisis and find it wanting.

Will Ségo Be the Spoiler?

The media love a duel, so the Hollande-Aubry contest, with the former ahead by a nose--no a head, no a neck, no a length and a half--has filled the papers, but some rumblings out of La Rochelle suggest that Ségolène Royal may be making a run from behind:

On peut entendre cette phrase aussi bien dans la bouche de proches de Benoît Hamon que dans celle du strausskahnien Jean-Marie Le Guen:«Ségolène sera au deuxième tour, contre Aubry ou Hollande.» D'autres, comme le proche d'Aubry, François Lamy, qui voit «évidemment un score à deux chiffres», ne croient pas à l'aura retrouvée de la candidate à la présidentielle de 2007, jugeant son isolement depuis comme trop handicapant.
An SR victory would upset many applecarts. It would be interesting, if only to see whether the PS éléphants could this time overcome their collective revulsion to, you know, actually support their candidate. But who counts the primary votes? Because I recall that in the party leadership contest, the vote-counting was not quite kosher--and I'm not talking about hanging-chad problems. More like Richard J. Daley-style box-stuffing and ballot-stealing.