Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Interactive Debt Map

A fun toy to see just how bad shape your bank is in. The politicians are saying everything is fine; the IMF disagrees.

"I pledge allegiance to the flag ..."

Jean-François Copé wants every French man and woman to pledge allegiance to France and declare his or her readiness to die, if need be, in her defense. He is shocked that anyone is upset by this proposal, but even the military is unenthusiastic: one general commented that "ce type de mesure n'est pas dans la tradition française. Elle est de surcroît plus dans la tradition d'une armée de conscription que d'une armée professionnelle." And Bruno Le Maire, in charge of the UMP presidential platform, was silent when asked if this idea would be part of it. But the best reaction came from Marine Le Pen, who knows how to surenchérir on Copé's cocorico nationalism: "Encore un serment, s'est-elle étonnée. L'américanisation, qu'est-ce qu'on aime ça chez Sarkozy. Ils vont bientôt nous sortir la Bible!"