Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another Affair

François Pupponi, mayor of Sarcelles, has resigned from the inner circle of Martine Aubry's campaign after being investigated by the police judiciaire for subornation of perjury in a case involving a gang of Corsican criminals. And what did Pupponi do for Aubry? He was in charge of security.

Yglesias on the EU

Matt Yglesias has a nice analogy:

The Eurozone has created a kind of governance version of a collateralized debt obligation. Sovereignty has been pooled, and then tranched, and then re-allocated. Each government has some authority over the economic outcomes in all the different countries, but by the same token has only partial authority over its own economy.

Political Addendum to the Previous Primer

The previous post links to a primer on the economics of the euro crisis; Henry Farrell covers the politics.

A Primer on the Eurozone Crisis

By Kash Mansouri, part 1 and part 2.

Polanski Apologizes, DSK Doesn't

For the former, here; for the latter, here.

The Truth

Daniel Cohn-Bendit likes Arnaud Montebourg but not his project of démondialisation, as he makes clear with characteristic forthrightness:

"Mais démondialiser c'est un peu dire n'importe quoi. Montebourg ne sera pas président, c'est pas grave pour l'instant", a poursuivi M. Cohn-Bendit. "Je l'aime bien, mais s'il était président il en serait de sa démondialisation la même chose que ce qu'a été le programme commun après un an de Mitterrand".
Bernard Girard takes a positive view of the form, if not the substance:

Montebourg a du talent, des idées et la capacité, évidente également chez François Hollande, d'éclairer une position, de l'exposer avec clarté dans un français impeccable.  

Germany Comes Around

The Bundestag approved the bailout deal, so now we move on to the next stage of the crisis.