Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DSK Gives His Version

What you've all been waiting for: DSK's side of the story. His 
biographer, Michel Taubmann, cites "extremely confidential 
information," but you will have no difficulty identifying the source of this 
account, which, exceptionally, I will translate: 
"She headed toward the door but seemed to be in no hurry. She looked
him straight in the eye. Then she unabashedly stared at his organ. The
flesh is weak. DSK interpreted this as a proposition. The situation
amused him. He did not resist the temptation of fellatio. The act was
rapid, very rapid. But it is contrary to the laws of physics that
without a weapon he could have forced his 'victim' to kneel." Later,
we are told, he passed her in the hall, and she waved to him and said
Not in this account, but on France2 TV tonight, we learn that the same
"source" told Taubmann that, yes, DSK did participate in orgies at the
Lille Carlton but never paid for sex and did not know that the women
were prostitutes. "He saw friends there, who introduced their
girlfriends. When a friend introduces a woman as his girlfriend, you
don't ask whether she is a prostitute." 
Perhaps, but you don't necessarily have sex with her either.
Nevertheless, the former IMF director has allegedly indicated that "he
is done with all that." 
C'est tout. 

Has the PS Lost the Working Class?

A recent poll has both Le Pen and Sarkozy beating Hollande among working class voters:

Avec 20 % d'intentions de vote auprès des ouvriers, il n'arriverait qu'en troisième position au premier tour, loin derrière Marine Le Pen (43 %) et même, pour la première fois, derrière Nicolas Sarkozy (22 %). Preuve que la question est prise au sérieux : un séminaire de travail est prévu, jeudi 1er décembre, entre M. Hollande et les auteurs de Plaidoyer pour une gauche populaire (Le Bord de l'eau), un ouvrage paru le 22 novembre dans lequel des sociologues et des politologues expliquent que "la capacité à renouer avec les couches populaires"est, pour la gauche, "la clé de son succès pour 2012".