Friday, January 13, 2012

Analysis of Attitudes Toward FN

Bernard Girard digs into the poll results reported yesterday by Le Monde indicating a sharp increase in sympathy with the ideas of the Front National. As I suggested yesterday, these results, in contradiction with the declining support for FN candidate Marine Le Pen, cried out for further scrutiny, which Bernard provides. His conclusion: there is less there than meets the eye.


Anonymous said...

I live in a working class area and support for the FN is comparatively very high. What's most shocking is that people who wouldn't have dared speak Le Pen senior's name and state they couldn't have voted for him, see no problem with a "vote marine".
Sarkozy is widely discredited even among people who voted for him in 2007 and people who lean towards a left vote seem to have trouble "figuring Hollande out" whereas they think Marine le Pen is "strong"; they don't see Marine Le Pen as her racist, vichyist, autocratic father's heir. Some think her "on the left" because she purports to defend French factories and jobs rather than bankers. All of this is worrisome, all the more if Hollande fails to reach this group on January 22.

Anonymous said...

France2 has a weekly or bi-monthly Sunday program that follows the election year in villages and small town accross France; the towns have been chosen based on their names: Matignon, Solferino, Lélisée.
Among those who have already chosen a candidate, Marine Le Pen is the most often quoted. This reveals two things: first, citing her name no longer brings shame; second, she does enjoy support among a variety of working class citizens (none of whom, if I understood right, voted for her father - although it could be the 'shame' phenomenon: they did but won't admit it).
In the meanwhile, we heard one of Bayrou's lieutenants explain how his candidate could become the next president (the general idea, although not expressed so explicitely, is that he can win through a combination: rejection of Sarkozy, poor campaign by Hollande, Le Pen high).
In any case, that was really interesting.