Wednesday, January 18, 2012

As for the other side ...

Lest my comments on the, shall we say, confused campaign of the PS mislead anyone into thinking that I am developing a tenderness for the other side, I hasten to post this link to Gérard Longuet's stupidly offensive comparison of Hollande to the captain of the Costa Concordia. For some eloquently righteous indignation, see Bernard Girard, who apprises me of something I did not know: that Longuet is married to the sister of Vincent Bolloré, the purveyor of the yacht on which Sarkozy meditated upon his weighty responsibilities before assuming the presidency.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the UMP side is freaking out and saying things that are both stupid and offensive. And with the media no longer in love with Sarkozy - cf. the infamous picture (not doctored) - everything boomerangs.

From here, it looks like the PS is playing its little games as usual while the UMP is running around like chicken without a head.
This may change after the Hollande meeting or after Sarkozy officially announces he's a candidate.

I don't see any enthusiasm anywhere though.

Cincinna said...

It seems to me Longuet was referring to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. I think that is an apt analogy to France, a country in decline, and the total lack of a real program for steering the Ship of State away from the iceberg right up ahead.

With it's adherence to the old time-tested and failed examples of Socialism evident everywhere, Hollande would govern according to the exact same principles. Socialism and the failed welfare entitlement state is the problem, not the solution.
The problem with Socialism is, as stated by Margaret Thatcher, "sooner or later, you run out of other people's money"
France is going broke. More spending, and doing thing the same way will only bring it on faster.

Anonymous said...

Not sure whether you're in Europe but the Costa shipwreck and the cowardly captain saga have been making headlines for a week.
Longuet was explicitely speaking about the Costa ship and compared Hollande to the cowardly captain that made his ship "salute" the coast after turning electronics off (because they'd have warned the surveillance tower that something was off) then abandonned ship, crew, and passengers to their fate. I believe 11 died, hundreds (including many children since they travelled for free on that cruise) were left for hours in the sinking shipwreck, and thousands of people lost everything they had in their cabin.
Unless you want to say that Hollande is a coward guilty of negligent homicide, I don't think you can defend Longuet, no matter how much you hate socialism in its French form (or any other).
It was insensitive and offensive enough that even UMP people admitted Longuet shouldn't have spoken thus. They promptly hushed him and took him away from cameras, and he hasn't been seen nor heard ever since.