Saturday, January 7, 2012

English-language Coverage of French Elections

From Greg Brown at UNLV, this list of Web coverage of the elections in English, compiled with Rebecca Bolen for a course he is teaching:

Students will be encouraged to follow the election through the following sites. Some articles or news programs will be required reading, and will be identified as such in class and on the course blog
1. "French Politics" blog: <>Observation and commentary by Art Goldhammer (Center for European Studies, Harvard), a leading American scholar and commentator on French culture, economy and politics (updated daily)
2. EuroNews coverage of French Presidential Election 2012-french-presidential-election/>Online news articles and video news coverage of French presidential election by a British-based news organization (updated daily)
3. "France 24" is an English-language 24-hour cable news channel and website of news coverage about France. With sponsorship from the French government but editorially independent. This site hosts several weekly news programs devoted to coverage of the election campaign as well as several blogs written by reporters covering the campaign. They are listed below:
3a. Campaign Chronicles <> a weekly television news program that broadcasts each week on Friday afternoon (Paris time, early Friday morning Las Vegas time) offering a round-up of weekly news on the campaign.

3b. France 2012 <> a weekly television program broadcast Thursday afternoon (Paris time, early Thurs morning Las Vegas time) with weekly news on the major campaign developments.
3c. Politics <>, a weekly political interview show broadcast Thursday afternoon (Paris time, early Thurs morning Las Vegas time).
3d. "Presidential Pate" <> "the greasiest and most savoury mouthfuls from French democracy's grand banquet." by France24 journalists.
3e. "Vue d'ailleurs" <> Weekly blog offering "analysis of contemporary French issues" by a British scholar

4. "Opinion polling for the French presidential election, 2012" <,_2012> Wikipedia site (all usual caveats apply) compiling publicly released horserace polls on the election


Anonymous said...

And then there's my blog
which has a new category:
France: 2012 elections


Passerby said...

EuroNews isn't British-based organization. They are based in the suburb of Lyon (Écully).

Gregory Brown said...

Thanks Arun I'll add that to my list for the course. And thanks to Passerby for the correction.

Mitch Guthman said...

@ Gregory Brown,

1. I agree that Arun’s site is always worth a visit for French politics. Plus you get film reviews.

2. Also, there are a number of English language sites like EuroNews that aggregate French news (I believe these are typically geared towards the surprisingly large number of English speakers who live in France). I would recommend the website of my friend, Ken Pottinger, because he seems more obsessed with politics than the editors of some of the other sites and therefore seems to have more political coverage.

3. Clearly, Art Goldhammer is right that France 24 has the best English language of the coverage election. I would just like to highlight two programs that also give insights into the elections, namely, the “Review of the French Press” and Mediawatch with James Creedon, who always has the most interesting tidbits from the French media (especially the online media)

4. Le Figaro has some very limited material in English but it updates fairly regularly:

5. I believe that the Mediapart English site is still free and it seems to update regularly.

6. Also, on the theory that culture explains politics, I would highly recommend Romke Soldaat’s blog for a very eclectic but surprisingly good collection of French oddities (with considerable coverage given over to the peculiarities of French politics). And lots of great pictures, too!

Passerby said...

@Gregory Brown: you're welcome.

EuroNews try to give a European approach to its news, with usually very short segments. So if they do cover major French politics events, you'd definitely get more details on a more focused information on France24.