Friday, January 20, 2012

France Suspends Action in Afghanistan, May Withdraw Early

Nicolas Sarkozy has announced a suspension of training and combat operations by French troops in Afghanistan and is considering an early withdrawal. This decision comes after the deaths of four French troops last week, and also after criticism of François Hollande for saying that he would withdraw French troops if elected. The war is very unpopular in France, but this is the first sign that Sarkozy is wavering in his commitment, and I must say, it has a look of desperation about it. On the other hand, if you read the report below, it seems possible that Sarkozy is simply drawing the conclusion that foreign forces have no further business in Afghanistan and can do no good by staying.

Background here.

“Lethal altercations are clearly not rare or isolated; they reflect a rapidly growing systemic homicide threat (a magnitude of which may be unprecedented between ‘allies’ in modern military history),” it said. Official NATO pronouncements to the contrary “seem disingenuous, if not profoundly intellectually dishonest,” said the report, and it played down the role of Taliban infiltrators in the killings.

Afghanistan : Nicolas Sarkozy envisage la possibilité d'un retour anticipé des troupes françaises

Après l'annonce vendredi de la mort de quatre soldats français, le président de la République estime que la question d'un retour anticipé des troupes françaises est posée. Les opérations de formation et d'aide au combat de l'armée française sont d'ores et déjà suspendues. (AFP.)


Anonymous said...

Finally! It took many more dead French soldiers for NS to fulfill his promises of five years ago in the previous presidential campaign, when he was saying, correctly, that French forces had no business in Afghanistan and should leave.

I am fully expecting our cousins across the pond to start again speaking about "rifle-droppers", but that's how they are.


FrédéricLN said...

Thank you for the very good background article at

The comments below are interesting too, to a European (whatever their orientation).