Friday, January 20, 2012

The NY Prosecutor and DSK

Le Monde has a long article about the decisions made by the New York prosecution team in the DSK affair. Apparently there were dissensions within the team about how to proceed--not surprising in such a high-profile case. Marion Van Renterghem also relays insinuations from DSK's lawyers and publicists that a "highly placed" French authority intervened in the case by informing the NYC prosecutor of previous misbehavior by DSK, "perhaps" the Banon or Carlton affairs. None of this adds to our understanding of what happened at the Sofitel, though it does suggest that, had the prosecution been handled differently, the case might have taken a different course.


jimbo said...

Bonjour Art Goldhammer,
I have been leaving some comments on the FB page (from James O). Can I submit a longer post to you for the guest page? if so where shall I send it? It would be about th French Communist Party, the Front de Gauche and Candidate JL Melenchon. Thanks, J.O.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy-mongering. I wouldn't trust Marion Marion Van Renterghem or Le Monde on DSK for a second . This is what she wrote in September when DSK finally condescended to a single, phony interview with a family friend:

"[DSK] aurait pu choisir le silence. Il a préféré la télévision pour s'expliquer sur une affaire privée. Il aurait pu opter pour l'absence et un retrait dans son riad de Marrakech, ou ailleurs, jusqu'à la fin de la campagne présidentielle. Il a préféré Paris et ce qui va avec : la fosse aux lions médiatique."

Hagiographic. Reporting and opinion, are there no boundaries?

And remember how parts of the French media conspired with DSK to hold back information about his candidacy which would have led to what was called "a primaire de confirmation"(fascinating expression) Of course the space left vacant by the non-coverage of the non-primary could have been filled with condescending articles about the absolute horrors of the republican primary process in the u.s. (money! tv ads! religious zealots!)


Unknown said...

Jim, You can find an e-mail contact link on my Harvard Web site. Google "Arthur Goldhammer Harvard." But I am unlikely to publish a guest post from someone I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Why does a serious paper like Le Monde still write about DSK? I thought the guy gone, passé (even his right hand men are fighting aroudn Hollande now, causing trouble with the old-school Hollandais.)