Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DSK en garde à vue

Affaire du Carlton : DSK mis en garde à vue

Dominique Strauss-Kahn a été placé en garde à vue mardi 21 février pour complicité de proxénétisme et recel d'abus de biens sociaux. Il était arrivé ce matin à la caserne de gendarmerie de Lille pour être entendu par la police judiciaire dans le cadre de l'affaire du Carlton. (AFP)

So now the French, whose press has been filled for days with lurid accounts of leaked testimony by prostitutes, johns, and pimps, will be able to test the view of Pascal Bruckner and others that sexual crimes are judged with unseemly haste and ferocity in the United States because we remain a "Puritanical" society. Will putatively libertine France be any less titillated and scandalized and more forbearing in its treatment of the man who might have been president? Asked and answered. Will his friends BHL, Badinter, and Cambadélis insist that French justice has run amok? Will DSK publicly repeat his reported statement that, while he is a libertine, prostitution "horrifies" him? On verra.

As Hollande plods tranquilly toward the Élysée, DSK must now drain his bitter cup.

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Anonymous said...

When a campaign is in such disarray that all they can find is yell "DSK" and hope it'll be enough:

This morning Royal boarded the train that takes journalists to her region, where Nicolas Sarkozy is going to visit a successful company. She attacked him where it hurts, ie, calling him a coward. Quite exactly she said "being courageous isn't going where things go well thanks to others, but going where people hurt. Why is he going to Alsthom and not to Gandrange?" She concluded by quoting Montesquieu about betraying promises and corruption of politics.

NKM, spokesperson for Nicolas Sarkozy, wanted to reply. What she didn't or couldn't say tells the story; she didn't say Nicolas Sarkozy would go back to Gandrange. She didn't engage on non-corrupted government or promises kept. She said, in short: "The PS wants to criminalize the debate! Corruption, yeah, whatever: look at DSK. I'm sure he'll have stories to tell."

I think the response is very telling.