Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Estrosi, "gugusse"

I already nominated Christian Estrosi for the position of le roi des cons, but he has taught me a new word to characterize him:

Gugusse: Clown qui joue les naïfs, les imbéciles. Pour les Français les comiques sont des gugusses (La Croix,19 mars 1972, p. 10, col. 3).Faire le gugusse (fam.). Se faire passer pour un idiot.

It seems that Estrosi applied this word to Le Pen and Bayrou, but as Frédéric Lefebvre-Naré notes, he got his facts a bit mixed up:
Selon Christian Estrosi, la France a gagné 10% d'emplois industriels entre 2009 et maintenant. Sur le site de l'INSEE, les derniers chiffres que je trouve sont ceux de 2010 : -1 à -6% selon les branches, cette année-là.
I guess the campaign is on, and "truthiness" is off.

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FrédéricLN said...

After writing that, I wondered: Mr Estrosi did perhaps include 2009 in his "depuis 2009" figure? So I went again on this link in order to check: alas, France also lost industrial jobs in 2009. So, it's worse.

You Americans, who know your national history, may appreciate the confusion by Arnaud Montebourg, read the quote at the end of

(I thank him: that's how I learned the existence of a "quasi-war" between our two Nations.)