Friday, February 3, 2012

The French Political Blogosphere

Check out this interactive map.  Inexplicably, I don't seem to be on it. Although there is an "observer" category, foreign observers don't seem to make the cut.


Steven Rendall said...

Interesting. However, completely off point, I'm wondering whether other readers find, as I do, the parts of your site that are in blue or gray characters almost impossible to read, especially when they appear against the photograph en filigrane. If so, you might want to tweak the settings.

Unknown said...

Steve, I've changed the link colors. Let me know if these work any better for you. The hover color is a lurid day-glo green, which certainly stands out, and the unvisited and visited links are darker than before.

Massilian said...

If I may throw in my ten cents.... the day-glo green stands out but it is rather aggressive and unconfortable to read (as most day-glo colors).
The interactive map seemed a nice idea, I spent a while on it but it was so rich and dense, that I gave up after checking just a couple of sites.
I would have loved a map such as those of IA (informationarchitects) if you haven't seen any check the one they did about web-trends:

Steven Rendall said...

Better. Thanks.

FrédéricLN said...

People at linkfluence build their own list from various sources, basically they follow links from the blogs they already have. Perhaps they took the (French) language as a criterion. But your absence is a pity, as they actually have this "observer" (nonpartisan) class.

I send them this message ;-)