Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is Facebook Assisting the Sarkozy Campaign?

Frédéric Martel presents evidence that it is. The Elysée denies the allegations.

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Anonymous said...

the evidence is frankly circumstantial at the very best. this is shoddy journalism based on thin reporting, and a proces d'intention based upon a notion of guilt by association.

perhaps facebook did extend its services to mr. sarkozy - who, at the present moment as in late 2011, is the president of france, and not yet an "official" candidate for reelection.

giving preferential treatment to hollande - assuming preferential treatment was given - would have been a different matter, insofar as, in late 2011, his most prominent role was that of candidate (and not that of depute de la correze).

by no means do i suggest that "l'express roule pour hollande" (pour reprendre l'expression employee par le magazine), but this sloppy report is essentially a bunch of hand-waving without much in the way of proof.