Thursday, February 23, 2012

Le Pen Progresses in Nord-Pas de Calais

The poll suggests that the party is gradually gaining genuine adherents and not just protest voters, but some of the questions seem vaguely worded, so there is reason to wonder about the quality of the data.

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Cincinna said...

2/23 MLP

 I don't see any reason to doubt a rise in the polls for MLP. 
 If you watched her last evening chez Ruquier, it isn't difficult to see her appeal. She is far more clever, more dangerous than her father ever was, and a much smarter, shrewder politician.
  The fact she was given free rein, just egged on by that Socialist twit, Audrey Pulvar, was not an equal match. I have the feeling that Eric Zemmour would have pulled
away  MLP's pseudo populist disguise and revealed her for the neo-fascist  clone of her neo-Nazi father that she is. 

Marine le Pen has refused to distance herself from those
views. The FN is anti-American, anti-free enterprise, anti-capitalist, anti-globalist etc. Change her last name and she is interchangeable with the far left nutters and the OWS crowd, as well as the network of neo-Nazis, skinheads, and neo-fascists she pals around with. 
  MLP has  aligned herself with the anti-American, anti-capitalists and Statists, the closest thing to Fascism we’ve seen. 
  Her appearance as guest if honor at the Hofburg Ball in Vienna was briefly brought up, but she was able to outsmart and out talk her questioners, who were so caught up in their own ideological talking points, they were lost. 
  The merger of far right nationalism and the leftist anti-capitalist, (anti-liberale),  economic agenda is personified by MLP. It is called Fascism, a term the French are still uncomfortable with and are afraid to use when describing MLP & her movement. 

MLP is not any kind of Conservative, Far Right, Right, or otherwise . American Conservatism is a political philosophy based upon the God-given rights of the individual as expressed in the Declaration of Independence & the Constitution, and free market Capitalist principles. 
 MLP is a Statist which is the total opposite of Conservative. MLP believes in the power of the State over individual rights & Liberty, government control & has no problem with the soft tyranny of authoritarian government.    In the past, the Communists & many others on the Far Left have voted FN. Much of her support is coming from the far left. 
  The anti-European, anti-globalization message of MLP is shared by many on the Far Left. They might see that as a greater evil than creeping fascism, which they have never had a problem with in the past. 

  MLP, Socialists, Communists, Greens & every shade of red, are all Statists who believe in the power of the State over the individual rights set forth in our Founding Documents, The US Constitution and The Declaration of Independence. 
  Tocqueville himself warned against this possibility of what he called “soft tyranny”. We Americans listened up. Apparently even the French ignored his warnings. 
 The odds of MLP winning are minuscule. But she has succeeded where her father never could, in mainstreaming the xenophobic, anti-Semitic, anti-free market agenda, and making it acceptable.
  All those neo-Nazis, skinhead groups she pals around with? They're just folks who love their country, share some ideas, meet for coffee and a little waltz... nothing sinister, right?