Saturday, February 18, 2012

Le Pen Rehabilitates Brasillach

Jean-Marie Le Pen seems unwilling--and not for the first time--to let his daughter try to cleanse the Front National of its fascist odor:

En tout cas, le vieux leader de 83 ans se dit persuadé que cette sortie n'embarrassera pas sa fille, Marine Le Pen. "Nous acceptons bien la Révolution française et Robespierre dans notre passé. Je ne vois pas pourquoi nous accepterions Robespierre et pas Brasillach !"
Brasillach--of whom de Gaulle, when asked what ought to be done with him at the end of the war, said "Douze balles dans la peau!" --is not a "poet" chosen at random, you can be sure. Le Pen, past master in the art of provocation, knew exactly what he was doing. Chapeau!

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Brian W. Ogilvie said...

Interesting footnote: the Cercle Franco-Hispanique, which every year places flowers on Brasillach's grave, also organizes an annual mass in honor of Franco and Primo de Rivera (founder of the Phalange).