Friday, February 24, 2012

Le Pen's Flabbergasting Behavior

For a candidate who still (allegedly) does not have the parrainages she needs to appear on the ballot, Marine Le Pen last night seemed intent on giving those who wish to keep her out all the ammunition they need. It is hard to argue on principle that democracy requires her inclusion when she excludes herself from debate and ostentatiously reads her newspaper when given the opportunity to defend her political position against attacks from the left. Jean-Luc Mélenchon demonstrated that it is possible to be as angry and contemptuous as one wishes while still advancing an argument. Le Pen's intransigence may be taken as a sign of the intransigence she would display if she ever achieved power over anything. Her performance may have pleased the hard core of FN voters, those who are truly contemptuous of democracy, but she may lose some more recent converts as clips of her outrages are played over and over on TV.

Marine Le Pen refuse le débat avec Jean-Luc... by lemondefr


Anonymous said...

Yes, her behavior last night was pitiful and pathetic, and this is manifestly the general consensus. She won't be a threat to anyone in this election, if she manages to get her parrainages. As for Mélenchon, I wouldn't be surprised if his poll numbers break into double digits. He's the perfect candidate for the "I'm mad as hell and won't take it anymore" vote.


Anonymous said...

Mélenchon is gaining ground slowly but surely by making his meetings simple and welcoming, with rituals and feel good moments (well, feel good if you're mad and are looking for an outlet :) )
He's gaining among those who are not enthusiastic about politics and he's slowing MLP's foray into the working class voters.
Perhaps MLP figured she wouldn't have her 500 signatures and she's changed her tactics?

Anonymous said...

I just found this video recommended by a website I was checking out. Industry workers explain how they're mostly on the left but they're all going to vote for MLP.
The video is part of a France2 project called "the campaign by bike". Reporters bike through France, finding their sleeping quarters in local homes, interviewing people. Frank and unadorned.

brent said...

"il l'attaquait sur des points précis de son programme avec, comme toujours chez Mélenchon, ce mélange de brutalité à la Marchais, et de subtilité, d'intelligence et de connaissance des dossiers"--from Bernard Girard,

So while Hollande may still be the candidate of the vote utile, Mélenchon's is becoming the campagne utile: as the only major candidate who is neither playing footsie with the FN nor looking demurely past it, Mélenchon is actually engaging the issues--rising currents of xenophobic nationalism , a devastating economics of austerity--that matter. Perhaps more observers will start to see past the 'brutality' of his manner to appreciate the informed intelligence of his positions.