Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Book of Interest

Are the French, as some would have it, a particularly radical people, drawn to political extremes, prone to violence, and apt to erupt unpredictably? Aurelian Craiutu offers a different reading of the French political culture as one informed by a strong current of moderation running through several centuries. His new book should be of considerable interest. He describes his argument as follows:

Moderation, I argue, resembles a "lost archipelago" that has curiously been undertheorized or even overlooked by political theorists. I end the book with an immoderate "decalogue" of moderation in which I try to defend this virtue and highlight its limitations. The book uses an eclectic methodology, that draws from the Begriffsgeschichte school (Koselleck), the Cambridge School (Skinner), and the approach to intellectual history used by Francois Furet and his disciples in France. The book contains chapters on Montesquieu, Mounier and the French monarchiens, Necker, Mme de Stael and Constant.

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