Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pas très Joly

I don't understand Eva Joly. Her claim to be a legitimate presidential candidate is a reputation for integrity as a judge. To capitalize on such a reputation, one would think that she would conduct herself with measure, decorum, reason, and a certain "judicial temperament," as we say in the States. Instead, she responds to criticism with invective worthy of a fishwife:
"Et Corinne Lepage qui dit que vous désertez la promesse écologique, vous lui dites quoi à Corinne Lepage ?", demande-t-il à l'ex-juge d'instruction et eurodéputée, après l'avoir relancée à maintes reprises sur les sondages. Réponse d'Eva Joly : "Je l'emmerde." Invitée en direct de Canal +, Corinne Lepage a réagi en souriant : "C'est très élégant !" "Je ne commente pas les grossièretés." Pourquoi cette agressivité ? "Peut-être parce que je ne suis pas à 0,5 % dans les sondages mais plutôt à 1,5 et qu'elle n'arrête pas de descendre."
It's almost enough to make you wish the Greens had gone with Hulot. Almost. Actually, they should have listened to Cohn-Bendit and negotiated a decent agreement with the PS, one less obsessed with nuclear power and more concerned with molding the power of the majority on a broad range of issues.


Anonymous said...

What Les Verts need to do is negotiate their collective entry into the PS and dissolve their silly, pointless party.


Robert said...

Why is their party pointless? An environmentalist political force can contribute (and has contributed, in some countries) to political debates in lots of ways: Starting with environmental issues, of course, but also things like quality of life, modes of production, immigration, the relationship to the nation and the state. I agree Joly is a terrible candidate, but still....