Monday, February 6, 2012

A Picture Is Worth a Lot of Bla-bla-bla

Sarkozy le Fridolin

Frankly, I find Sarkozy's frequent allusions to past Franco-German bloodletting in order to justify current acquiescence in the German view of the financial crisis in rather poor taste. If there is an economic case to be made, let him make it. The Thatcheresque insistence that there is no alternative short of renewed trench warfare is risible.


Anonymous said...

Things must be tense at UMP. This morning, the four main polling institutes had sent a representative to a radio program and they mostly discussed whether Sarkozy will lose in the second round or in the first round. They kind of bickered over Marine Le Pen's score or presence , their role and responsibility, etc, but Sarkozy's loss was not in discussion.

PF said...

I'm tentatively heartened by signs that cross national connections in political strategy are being drawn: Merkel and Sarkozy are bringing their parties together, and now the SPD and PS are aligning with each other. This sort of international politicization of the debate over the EU is necessary and long overdue. Elites have long been aware of these stakes, but bringing it into mainstream political campaigning will be salutary to the dysfunctional European body politic.

Anonymous said...

With a neutral opinion, PF point above makes perfect sense and I agree with it.