Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sarkozy on France2

Once again I had the impression that Candidate Sarkozy 2012 is but a pale shadow of Candidate Sarkozy 2007. David Pujadas started things off by asking about the aggressive tone of his first major speeches. "I don't know what you're talking about," replied the president. Pujadas reminded him that he had called Hollande a liar, and Sarkozy then launched into one of his standard litanies of high principle and low self-pity: A campaign is a confrontation of ideas, M. Pujadas, how can the French judge our ideas if I don't point out my opponent's contradictions, I've been president for 5 years, M. Pujadas, do you think I haven't taken any heat in all that time? Didn't another candidate call me un sale mec, and, mind you, I'm quoting. This is what you call aggressive, M. Pujadas? From one day to the next, I had to take the weight of the world's fifth largest economy on my shoulders, M. Pujadas, do you think a man is ready to shoulder that responsibility if he can't stand up to a little criticism, if he says one thing in one place and another in another?

The rhetorical trick of turning every question back on the questioner--Who hasn't made mistakes in his life, M. Pujadas? Do you think for a moment I don't reflect on my mistakes?--has worn thin over the years. Worse, Sarkozy looks tired, or, better, as though he's boring himself with an old song-and-dance number that he's performed too many times. He knows it isn't working, but he's not going to stop singing until the fat lady begins.

Or President Obama--Sarkozy's one lively moment came when Pujadas asked him to comment on Obama's rendition of "Sweet Home Chicago" with B. B. King and Mick Jagger. Would French mores permit a French president to do such a thing? "It's not a French-American matter, M. Pujadas. It's that he sings well, and I sing badly." If only, he seemed to be thinking, if only I had what that guy has.


bernard said...

"until the fat lady begins": what does it mean, I don't know this expression.

Anonymous said...

@Bernard: Voilà

Cincinna said...

"It ain't over til the fat lady sings" or as the great Yogi Berra said, "it ain't over til it's over"
  Don't count Sarko out so fast. The orchestra has just started warming up, and  the Overture hasn't even begun. 
  I've watched the complete videos of the meetings in Annecy and Marseilles. IMO Sarko is a far stronger candidate now than in 2007. He has greatly matured, is incredibly focused, and has analyzed his opponent, and formulated his election strategy. He is still still innovative and creative, and he is running against Hollande who is totally inexperienced, playing by the worn out, outdated, PS playbook, and is, as we Americans say, a real snooze! He is just another boring,   uninspiring, technocrat BOBO , out of touch with the real world. Hollande really doesn't seem to like people very much. Like many of his ilk,  la gauche caviar, they love humanity, but people... not so much. 
  Bonne chance! Que Le meilleur gagne! 
  Get out the popcorn; this is going to be fun!

Robert said...

Hollande, inexperienced, after more than 10 years as a party leader (including some of them as the head of a governing party)???

Sarkozy focused, when he speaks out loud of the possibility of losing the election???

I agree with you it's early to make predictions, but again, I get the sense Sarkozy has essentially given up on his own reelection prospects, judging from the aforementioned and from Art's analysis.

Anonymous said...

Now, tell me this is a focused candidate, in better shape than in 2007?
I heard this on the radio and on other media ever since, and they specified this was "sans trucage" this is not an hoax or a joke by a comedian imitating Sarkozy).