Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sarkozy: Trous de mémoire?

Chirac had a bit of a cerebral commotion in 2007, so he had an excuse for not remembering things. Sarkozy, who one of my regular commenters thinks is more "focused" this year than he was in 2007, seems to be having trouble remembering things without any physiological alibi.

Nicoals Sarkozy aurait-il des problèmes de mémoire ? Selon le, M. Sarkozy n'était pas député au moment du vote de l'Acte unique en 1986 et n'a donc pas pu soutenir le projet de François Mitterrand. Pas plus qu'il n'a voté la création de la monnaie unique en 1992 : il n'a pas pris part au vote.
Lors de son entretien sur le JT de France 2, mercredi 22 février, le président-candidat a assuré qu'il avait "voté des textes de François Mitterrand sur l'Acte unique, sur la monnaie unique" pour mieux critiquer les socialistes qui se sont abstenus sur le Mécanisme de stabilité financière.

This wouldn't be the first time that he just made things up. He does frequently in regard to German economic policy, where he simply attributes to Germany whatever he would like to do in France and then ascribes German economic success to whatever imaginary policy he has invented. It's the sort of argumentative style that works well in the Café du Commerce but tends to run into trouble at the level of presidential politics, where facts are inevitably checked.


Gero von Randow said...

At least he toppled the Berlin wall.

TexExile said...

What makes you think this would pass muster at the Café du Commerce? It's my local and that of any number of colleagues. I don't think we'd be buying Sarko-babble if he came down to the 15th to sell his economic wishful thinking...

Anonymous said...

Boy got no street cred no more. :p

Seriously, no one takes him seriously anymore. I'm still puzzling why he thought "the people's president" would be a good angle when everyone believes him to be "président des riches". It sure didn't help establishing him as serious. He's trying to make inroads with the apolitical, mostly with images since his words don't count much. I don't know whether he can succeed or not. People are gullible and if you repeat the same video clip/image many times they'll buy into it (cf. Romney's campaign, which seems to rest on massive broadcast of negative ads).
Sarkozy's stammmering apology for the Fouquet's dinner (France 2 on Wednesday) won't be enough to erase that impression.
According to Ariane Chemin
he didn't realize what the Fouquet's meant - for him it was just a local bistro; he didn't realize that for most people who'd heard of it, it was an overpriced eatery for people who like to flaunt their bling - a place where a cup of coffee costs 10 euros and nobody thinks twice about the cost.
Anyway, since not many people believe him, he can lie all he wants. What matters is the image leftover after the talk. The French press seem to have discovered fact checking, with Hollande, and, surprisingly, Mélenchon, getting 68% right and MLP 34%, Sarkozy being in the middle around 50%.

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