Thursday, February 9, 2012

Second Mise en Examen for Eric Woerth

Eric Woerth, former budget minister and Sarkozy's 2007 campaign treasurer, has been mis en examen a second time. The first was for "passive influence trafficking" in connection with the sale of a race track in Compiègne. The second cuts closer to the president himself, because the charge is "concealment of illicit financing of a political party."

After letting Woerth twist in the wind for an extended period in 2010, Sarkozy finally cut him loose without so much as a farewell, and now it is clear why.

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Anonymous said...

My summary: there's a "Justice" (un haut magistrat), Mr Couroye; a commissioner general or FBI chief, Mr Squarcini; and a cabinet member, Mr. Woerth, all indicted, all "right hand men" to Mr Sarkozy? Should I add 'so far"?