Thursday, February 23, 2012

This Time the Charm?

A note about that ill-fated poster, the one with the Aegean Sea in the background and the slogan "la France forte""

#PRESIDENTIELLE "La France forte", C'est le slogan de Nicolas Sarkozy. Notre journaliste Bastien Hugues vient de remarquer que cette formule a également été utilisée en 2002 par Lionel Jospin, comme le montre cette photo prise à Paris le 3 avril 2002. avait déjà souligné que le slogan avait été utilisé en 1981 par Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, et repris en 1988 par deux autres candidats, Raymond Barre et Jacques Chirac. Point commun entre tous ces candidats ? Ils ont été battus. Nicolas Sarkozy n'est visiblement pas superstitieux…

More seriously, it seems more than a little careless for Sarkozy's campaign staff to have chosen a slogan already used so many times. I take this as yet another sign that they're just not putting in the maximal effort that they demonstrated in 2007. Speculating wildly, one might even wonder if there isn't an element of sabotage at work: Copé now controls the party apparatus, and Copé has good reasons to hope that Sarkozy will not be re-elected. And revenge may be too sweet to resist: Copé expected a ministry in 2007, never got it, even after several remaniements, and had to claw his way to the party leadership--just like Sarkozy--in the face of a hostile president. So he may well be thinking, "Casse-toi, pauvr' con!"

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