Thursday, February 16, 2012

Will Sarko Block Marine?

Arun Kapil thinks that Sarkozy is desperate enough to risk attempting to prevent Marine Le Pen from obtaining her 500 parrainages. I think Arun might be right, but I hope he isn't: the potential for a real eruption of anger is not to be underestimated.


Robert said...

Do you mean that eruption of anger might manifest itself in the form of rioting -- and pose a real challenge to the government's authority?

Anonymous said...

Art, I've commented on your post on my blog, as an update to my post.

Robert, no, there won't be rioting. Just outrage.


Kirk said...

There wouldn't be rioting, and the main anger would come from the policitians. The press is too chicken to stand up for democracy when it's to support the Front National.

While I disagree with them, I more strongly disagree with them not having the right to present their opinions, and have always felt that depending on signatures from elected officials is simply a way to prevent outliers from playing the game.