Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Arno Klarsfeld Wants to Build a Wall Against the Barbarian Hordes

Arno Klarsfeld is president (who knew?) of the Office français de l'immigration et de l'intégration, appointed to that post by Nicolas Sarkozy. Yesterday he suggested building a will between Greece and Turkey.
Interrogé afin de donner des précisions quant à la construction dudit mur, Arno Klarsfeld a aussitôt répondu : "un mur c'est fait avec des fils, des barbelés, un mur quoi, comme à Rome, il y avait un mur. La paix a duré quatre siècles", en référence au mur qui marquait les limites de l’Empire contre les barbares venus du Nord.
A schande for the Klarsfeld name, as my grandmother would have said. If you don't speak Yiddish, you can look it up.


Massilian said...

Oy veh ! This nogoodnick is a schmuck !

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, only a bit more than 50 days to hold out. If he doesn't cause a disaster before.


Anonymous said...

Arno, reportedly one of Carla's exs and not taken seriously on the political scene, has been prostituting himself with Sarko for quite some time. He was named at the head of the Immigration Office after having failed to win as a UMP candidate an MP seat (12th arrondissement of Paris) in a recent election. Over the past year or so, he has been beating the drum of the anti-immigrant Sarko and UMP line with increasing gusto. As a sidelight, his mother Beate was chosen to be the presidential candidate of the left-wing Linke party in Germany; a symbolic choice as she had no chance to win. She subsequently embarrassed her German friends by publically coming out in support of Sarko!
His latest outburst is directly in line with the presidential campaign and aimed at giving him some visibility in Sarko's camp. For as they say, it is yesterday's news. A fence is already going up along the frontier:

Anonymous said...

He brought shame to his name when he started making crazy statements like this one:

"Lorsque les dirigeants arabes affirment qu'ils n'ont aucune responsabilité, même indirecte, dans la Shoah, c'est faux. Si les juifs persécutés d'Allemagne, de Pologne, de Hongrie, de Roumanie et d'ailleurs avaient été admis à immigrer en Palestine, ainsi qu'il avait été convenu et reconnu par la Société des nations, sans doute le nombre de juifs exterminés aurait été très inférieur à ce qu'il fut."

Anonymous said...

Sofia Aram this morning made a joke about creating a nice little wall just for Arno Klarsfeld, where he could invite his friends Guéant, Hortefeux, etc, perhaps placing it in the centre of Creuse.