Monday, March 19, 2012

Changes in the French News Web

The Le Monde Web site has changed its look. I don't much like it. Too much white space, too much scrolling to find the articles you want to read. On the whole, a dumbed-down front page. Meanwhile, the French HuffPo is up. Here's editor Anne Sinclair's account of Mélenchon's retaking of the Bastille. Not too bad. You'd hardly know she'd ever left journalism or was married to what's-his-face?


brent said...

Having no direct knowledge of Mme. Sinclair's prior career, I am quite impressed with her debater's skills. She quite casually manages to identify all the weak spots in JLM's persona, all the points in his program which might not garner majority support; with an air of nonchalance she in fact makes a very strong case for why he could never be elected.

Eppur, si muove ....

Mitch Guthman said...

The new Le Monde site is just awful. It looks ugly, there is so much white space and wasted space that it’s more difficult to read and navigate. Also, the old site was very distinctive---it was recognizably Le Monde and it kind of looked like the newspaper. This new site could be any aggregator site. If I had a vote, I’d say put it back the way it was.

Also,I went there with my iPhone this morning to check on the news from Toulouse and the first article that popped up was something about shoes. Incomprehensible. On Le Parisien it was the lead story on their iPhone site.

Then I went to the main site and the story was still hard to find. This is a big story and Le Parisien is all over it and so is Le Point.

And what is this red popup at the bottom of the site?

Alex Price said...

I agree with negative appraisals of the redesign but had no affection for the old site either, which I thought was easily the most disappointing newspaper site I’d seen, perhaps because I had high expectations for Le Monde, the paper I so loved and admired in my youth. It was and is painful to compare Le Monde’s ugly, clumsy Web presence with, for example, Le Figaro, The Guardian, El País.