Thursday, March 8, 2012

The CSA Is on the Job

Thanks to a delightful article by Scott Sayare, we know that the CSA is doing its job and learn about a few candidates you may not have been following very closely:
To further confuse matters, the speech time refers not only to Mr. Hollande himself but also to any supporters — from politicians and pop stars to farmers and retirees — who back him on the air. And while there are 10 widely recognized candidates, dozens of obscure characters are campaigning as well, including a stripper representing the Pleasure Party and a man who dresses as a bumblebee; the agency tracks all of them.
After the designation of “official” candidates on March 20 — they must receive endorsements from 500 local officials — the agency requires that each receives equal speech time. And in the final four weeks before the second round of the election, on May 6, speech and coverage are to be equal for every aspirant. Fines are threatened for networks that fail to comply.

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Anonymous said...

Pascale Clark is interviewing Jacques Cheminade on France Inter as I write (Friday 7:50 am CET). Grâce au CSA...