Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hollande Plods On

In what might well be an unwitting summing up of Hollande's campaign to date, Le Monde wrote:
Ceux qui attendaient des surprises auront toutefois été déçus. Le candidat socialiste s'en est tenu, en effet, à une sorte de synthèse de ce qu'il avait déjà dit plusieurs fois ces derniers mois.
A mauvaise langue might even go so far as to say that the 75% tax on incomes over €1 million was announced as a sort of counter to this criticism: at least we couldn't say we'd heard this before. Not having anything new to say wouldn't be a major flaw if a coherent alternative to "more of the same" had been in place since 2007, or since the global collapse, or since the advent of the euro crisis, but that isn't the case. What Hollande is offering is not something new and different but a promise to be a bit better and, above all, a different manner of execution from the other guy's. There are signs that voters have begun to tire of this and are looking for something a little more robust from the candidate that a good many of them would like to vote for if only he would give them one good compelling reason. If he doesn't, he may find that the late-campaign onslaught, when Sarkozy veers back toward the center and starts pounding away with the heavy artillery of "realism" and "fiscal responsibility," is too much for him, especially with the enemy closing in recent polls to within hand-to-hand combat distance. There had better be one or two surprises up those gesticulating sleeves.

UPDATEA l'image de sa prestation àl'émission "Des paroles et des actes", jeudi, M. Hollande semble avoir pris le parti de continuer à éviter toute prise de risque. Pour certains, là est peut-être le problème. "Ça tourne à vide. Il a usé quasiment toutes ses cartouches. L'équipe avait quand même théorisé l'idée que la présidentielle était gagnée et qu'il fallait en faire le moins possible", s'inquiète anonymement un responsable du PS, qui ajoute : "François fait semblant de faire campagne. Il fait du François Hollande."

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