Thursday, March 1, 2012

Proglio: The Ultimate Crony Capitalist

A very interesting profile of Henri Proglio, the head of EDF. It seems he was far closer to DSK than to Sarkozy, despite his liaison with Rachida Dati, and he isn't very close to François Hollande. Or at any rate that's what we're being asked to believe. Who knows what mysterious forces go into concocting a story like this. It's no doubt in Sarkozy's interest to distance himself from Proglio after the revelation of the plot to install Borloo at Veolia. Up to you to weigh les dits et les non-dits. In the end, though, you can't help feeling that this is an Augean stable that needs a thorough cleaning.


Anonymous said...

Unrelated to Proglio but I think you'll want to read this

Yesterday's Canard Enchainé indicates that fake workers were used in a factory visit so that the pictures would look good.
Nicolas Sarkozy has so long been surrounded with party members posing as "the people" or filtered citizens that he's forgotten his popularity ranking... Today's visit must have come as a shock.
However, based on these popularity numbers, it's surprising it hasn't happened until now...

Anonymous said...

Actually, apparently President Sarkozy was told there'd be a protest, and instead of blocking the streeet and only auithorizing UMP supporters the protesters were allowed around him along with the cameras.

Anonymous said...

Well, things aren't good for Sarkozy.
Based on the Moati film that follows all candidates' entourage, the UMP goal was to have bridged the gap with Hollande and actually be pulling ahead. This has not happened. I don't know whether today's Bayonne outing was Sarkozy going into a clash (ala "karcher") or some random "territorial protesters" he got mixed up into, but I doubt it'll elevate his standing. I don't think there's such a thing as pity votes.

Scaramanga said...

Interesting. Someone once coined the expression "syndrome Raphaëlle Bacqué", about the fact that she sees politics through the sole lens of personal relations, with total indifference to actual politics (see the Sarkozy-Villepin saga). I read her book about François de Grossouvre, which was entertaining but left the political questions completely out of the picture. Apart from that, she's probably a very competent journalist, but one feels that "political journalists" in France rely much too heavily on personal contacts with politicians.