Friday, March 23, 2012

Proud Dad

My son Zach is a finalist for the HuffPo Joe Jr. prize for the best college journalism. If you like his story, please give him your vote.


Steven Rendall said...

Fine job. Writes like his dad.

Anonymous said...

Will do!

This has nothing to do with proud dad, but I have a question. I read this article in le Monde
And I'm wondering how it's possible that, in a country as "advanced" as France, a broken woman with her eye busted by her husband's blows should be sent home by the police "because she's not bleeding". This sounds like the kind of situations you'd hear about in a Cold Case episode taking place in the 60s. The "explanation" by the police sounds like an egregious professional fault to me yet the police officer testifying seemed to think it was a valid reason. How are crimes against women perceived and handled in France? What's the standard protocol for women in distress? Is this situation frequent (complete disregard for a victim, not taking this crime seriously)? Is violence against women treated seriously? I know Spain takes this seriously and I always thought Spain had more excuses for excessively agressive male behavior. Are regular French police officers trained (this seems to go beyond mere sensitivity training)? I saw the film "Polisse" and it seemed they were and were doing a great job so why the discrepancy? Is it Paris v. provinces?

FrédéricLN said...

Congratulations to the son and the dad!