Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rama Yade Abandons Sarkozy

Rama Yade, who had already joined Borloo's abortive splinter party, will not join Sarkozy at Villepinte, even though Borloo apparently will. In 2007, Yade was a spokesperson for the campaign and a symbol of "ouverture," but she has been alienated by the droitisation of the UMP:
"En 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy dictait le tempo, imposait les débats. Aujourd'hui, nous avons le sentiment, nous, les républicains, d'avoir le pistolet du FN sur la tempe." Les propos sur les civilisations ou sur la nature national-socialiste du FN, tenus par Claude Guéant, ne sont pas passés.
The intellectuals who contributed to the 2007 campaign also seem to be deserting the sinking ship.


Merlin said...

I think that Rama Yade has been alienated by not getting a plum job. She seems to have a high opinion of herself that is not shared by others.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Rama Yade IS one of the smart "finds" of Sarkozy's but the latest UMP trend with Peltier at the helm was sure to alienate her, as it would anyone with an ounce of belief in republican ideas. I still haven't recovered from that odd statement 'halal is French people's #1 problem".
Borloo wasn't there. I'm wondering whether he and Yade might join Bayrou or something.
At today's meeting, the ministers looked bored and didn't smile, Bernadette Chirac almost fell asleep, and even Europe 1 admitted the public was more subdued than in 2007. NKM announced 80,000 people, even though the room apparently held 25,000 chairs.
I like the expression "le pistolet du FN sur la tempe", a concisely worded expression.