Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sarkozy Will Quit Politics If He Loses

Sarkozy abandonnera la politique s'il est battu

Interrogé jeudi matin sur BFM et RMC, Nicolas Sarkozy a répondu "oui" à la question de savoir s'il abandonnera la politique en cas de défaite à l'élection présidentielle.


bernard said...

What a poorly thought-out admission!

Between this and the self-commiserating tone the other night (I shouldn't have done that, I was lonely 'cause me wife left me...), you really have to ask if this guy is asking to be elected out of pity.

My guess is he just lost a couple points with this one. Who needs a whiner as president?

Robert said...

He has fans in Washington and might well end up on a Heritage Foundation fellowship. Any other ideas?

BTW and I keep repeating this, but politicians don't usually and publicly entertain the remotest possibility they'll lose. I know Mitch isn't sold yet, but as far as I'm concerned, Sarko has pretty well given up on this race.

Mitch Guthman said...

@ Robert,

Maybe yes but then again maybe no. If he’d really given up, I doubt Sarkozy would be giving all these interviews and making so many campaign stops---far more than necessary if he was just keeping up appearances. Also, I think he’d be spending more time jet-setting around on Air Sarko One and having elegant evenings with Carla and generally getting in as much play time with his toys (on which he spent so much of the republic's money) as possible before he has to give them up.

On the other hand the business with the alienating the Jews does not make it seem as though the UMP has a well thought out plan of action for this election. They just seem to be wildly careening between an American style culture wars and trying to position Sarko as the new De Gaulle. I certainly doubt that the UMP was going to get a lot of Muslim votes but they probably had considerable support among Jews; which support has been squandered.

Maybe it’s just because I’m a worrier or maybe because I still have very serious doubts about Hollande as a campaigner but I still think Sarkozy will make the second round and that’s when the knives will come out. I would not, however, be unhappy if I'm proven wrong.

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