Monday, March 19, 2012

Slaughter of the Innocent

First, three French soldiers gunned down by an assassin on a motorcycle in Montauban and Toulouse. And now, in Toulouse, a teacher and three children killed by an assassin on a motorcyle in front of a Jewish school. Are these incidents related? Police think they might be. In any case, both Sarkozy and Hollande have flown to Toulouse, the campaign is on hold, people are frightened, and all of France wonders whether there are more killings to come. In the meantime, one can only grieve for the victims and wait.


Anonymous said...

A madman is on the loose, that's for sure.


Adam Neira said...

Prayers for the deceased and injured from this evil attack. The perpetrator must be found and apprehended as soon as possible. The three French soldiers murdered in the last two weeks in and around Toulouse were of North African origin, perhaps Muslim themselves, so this latest killing spree may have been done by a person or persons of the extreme nationalist bent. Of course before making suppositions more facts are required.

Cincinna said...

Of course there is a connection. Ballistics reports confirm that all the victims were killed with the same weapon.
As someone who dealt with criminal homicide investigations and prosecutions In my experience, this is definitely not a madman. In my original analysis were three possibilities:
1. Anti-military far left- which was dismissed when the incidents in Toulouse, the coldblooded murders if three young Jewish children and their father happened today.
2. Al-Qaida or similar Islamist terrorists, now seems less likely.
3. Anti-Semitic, racist neo-Nazi/ neo-fascist skinhead groups, possibly within the French military itself, which was my fitst thought, and now seems the most likely.
France is fortunate to have a strong, courageous leader like President Sarkozy.
That being said, our thoughts and prayers are with the families if the seven victims. Our condolences to the French people in their loss in this terrible tragedy.
May the killer be hunted down and brought to justice quickly, and given the harshest punishment available under the law.

Anonymous said...

"given the harshest punishment available under the law".
Pity the guillotine has been allowed to go rusty.

Cincinna said...

 For such a heinous crime, it is unfortunate there is no death penalty in France. This is one of the rare occasions  for which I think it is warranted. 
 For prosecutors in the Criminal Justice system, it is crucial to have the death penalty on the table. 
 I guess the harshest penalty available under the law in France would be life in prison without possibility of parole. Very rarely applied, unfortunately. 
  We are praying for the families of the seven victims, and the wounded little girl, and hoping the killer or killers don't strike again. 
  I remember the series of terrorist attacks in Paris in 1986 and 87. Many deaths and hundreds wounded. The perps were Arab terrorists, but I don't think they were ever caught. Blew up a bookstore right on Bvd St Michel and Tati, a discount dept store near Montparnasse.