Monday, March 19, 2012

Terrorist, Madman, Neo-Nazi?

The same weapon was used in the murder of French soldiers in Montauban and Toulouse and of four people at a Jewish school in Toulouse. .Three of the soldiers were of North African origin, and another wounded soldier was Antillais. The regiment to which the soldiers belonged was in the news last year when several of its members were exposed as neo-Nazis and expelled.

Speculation based on these bare facts remains speculation. Nothing firm has yet emerged from the investigation, except that the same weapon was used in all three attacks and the killer rode a motorcycle.


Anonymous said...

While the sanity of anyone who kills a child is to be questioned, the killings are too meticulous to be committed by a madman.
The French seem to be afraid of one word they reserve for the US: serial killer.
(I'm not saying this to cause panic, but when three or more people are killed by seemingly the same individual and in the same way, that's usually the trademark of a serial killer.)
Of course serial killers target specific victims. Is there a reason for the killings in the murderer's mind, or does he pick random people based on random elements?
There hasn't been any "request" or complaint, right?
Is the hypothesis about the expelled neonazi soldier(s) that they/he exacted revenge from those he/they perceived to be the cause of his/their dismissal?
It boggles the mind that someone can shoot a toddler point blank though. It seems as if only someone without access to human logic would do this. Hence the comfortable answer "madman". Yet how likely is that a madman that far gone could plan and execute such plans?
There will be "a minute of silence" to honor the children tomorrow at 11 am, in every school.

Anonymous said...

thus starts Schneiderman, with dark humor
"Oui, la France. Pas les Etats-Unis (pas étonnant, avec leurs armes en vente libre), ni un pays scandinave (pas étonnant, ils s'ennuient tellement, là-haut)"... "Question faussement naïve, hier, dans notre petite équipe: mais au fond, pourquoi les candidats se précipitent-ils à Toulouse ?" ... "Croit-on que le peuple attende vraiment du Roi, ou des prétendants, ces images thaumaturges ? Avons-nous fait si peu de chemin depuis le Moyen-Age ?"
Full column here:

Still stunned that someone would shoot a 3 year old going to school. For soldiers, you can imagine the killer would have a grudge (against the war in Afghanistan, against people killed there, against the army in general, whatever they want to use as a pretext, a pretext can be found) but how can anyone justify to themselves the cold blooded murder of children?