Monday, March 5, 2012

UMP Wants It Both Ways

It's absurd, say leading UMP lights from Sarko on down, to think that European leaders would have entered into a pact to give François Hollande the cold shoulder, as alleged by Der Spiegel. On the other hand, it suits them just fine to think that these same leaders are secretly mocking Hollande and denying that he has the "capabilities" or stature to meet with their august excellencies on a footing of equality.

The only evident absurdity here is to think that Hollande lacks anything other than legitimation by a majority of his fellow citizens to fill the role of head of state.


Anonymous said...

Hollande as light-weight who is ridiculed on the world stage is a joke Sarkozy often told; too bad he believed his own joke and asked Angela Merkel to help him with it. Based on the iTélé and France2 news tonight, European heads of state thus were forced to state they had nothing against François Hollande. "Un complot européen?" is how most journalists put it. Hollande has it easy: European conservatives are welcome here but the election will NOT be decided by foreign leaders. (Incidentally, yesterday night was "Astérix et Cléopatre", un petit village résiste encore et toujours was repeated several times...)
The iTélé journalist in Rome states that Monti denied any boycott, said it was completely absurd, but she also underscores that Hollande went to Italy and met the President and the Democrats' leader, but not Monti...

The iTélé journalist said "Hollande wasn't well-known in other European countries, now they're all falling over themselves to state they're not trying to influence French elections. On another matter, Nicolas Sarkozy, when he wasn't busy helping Hollande's campaign, ...." I'm paraphrasing but that really was the content.

As for Sarkozy, when it rains, it pours. I remember that Art had a link to an interesting about the French Jewish vote v. American Jewish vote (if there's such a thing). It correlated with my own observations, which is that Sefardi Jews tend to support the right. And guess what: the "hallal sticker" would ALSO apply to Kosher meat...

Nevertheless, according to Mickael Darmon, Nicolas Sarkozy is totally confident he's going to win. Darmon also listed the various "doubts" expressed by non identified UMP representatives. For this reason and for the common good, even though Dati's return apparently is "la plus gross couleuvre à avaler", Fillon agreed to speak in Villepinte. Originally UMP PR people announced 80,000 people, they're down to 50,000. Even 20,000 would be better than anything Hollande did, though.


Anonymous said...

Okay, updates:
- most nightly news now say "All conservatives deny there was a pact." Snide comments still apparent here and there from pundits on BFM and iTélé but overall they're more careful than at 6 o'clock.

My take is that French people love conspiracy theories but don't care about Hollande being a "lightweight" because he "hasn't travelled enough" or whatever. They seem to be talking about it in terms of school yard fight: big bullies think they're better than the little guy, gang up against him. To the point some right-leaning pundits were trying to make it into "Hollande designed this all to appear as a victim".

- François Fillon angered the CRIF by saying "traditional manners of killing animals ought to be set aside, religions have to become modern".
The Jewish aspect of the "sticker" issue had apparently been missed.

-Mots Croisés tonight had Sapin v. Pécresse. Sapin better than I remembered him, standing up for "economic patriotism". Pécresse as good as usual. - Mostly striking that Sapin was 1 v.3 on the tax, whereas 2/3 French people approve of it. 2/2 might have been better, here it looked like Hollande v.conservative bigwigs, redux.
- Mélenchon was on TF1. Wonder what it'll do for him.

- Someone sent me this video with the comment "hallalucinant", "ps: est-il lucide?"
"hallalucinant" is apparently from Dominique Reynie, who is supposedly close to UMP.