Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WSJ Accuses Sarkozy of "Economic Illiteracy"

When you're a right-wing politician and you've lost Rupert Murdoch, you know you're in trouble:

Mr. Sarkozy, by contrast, argues that "at a time of economic crisis, if Europe doesn't control who can enter its borders, it won't be able to finance its welfare state any longer."
This is an ugly thought, not only for the ugly sentiments on which it plays but also as a textbook example of economic illiteracy. Not least among the threats to France's welfare state is an aging (and increasingly long-lived) population and a birth rate that—while the highest in Europe—is still below the replacement rate. Barring fundamental cultural changes, only immigration can maintain an active work force large enough to pay for the growing rolls of pensioners and dependents.
To add insult to injure, the WSJ editorial is entitled "Nicolas Le Pen."

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