Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Consternation in the UMP

How to win the FN vote without normalizing the FN? The UMP hasn't yet squared the circle.


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Mitch Guthman said...

I really don’t understand Bayrou’s game and (unless the article has somehow been superseded by more recent events) this is inexplicable:

I haven’t understand what’s been going on with Bayrou all through the 1st round. He had some brief period in the spotlight but he failed to capitalize on it and thereafter seemed to be best describable as “inert.” Maybe he wants something from Hollande but his leverage seems to be slipping away fast and besides, if Mélenchon and so many others are willing to commit to fight Sarkozy and to fight the FN without making any demands, I just don’t see how Bayrou can make demands. Besides which, as many others have noted here, the MoDems and the center are already choosing sides so if he doesn’t act very soon, there will be nobody left for him to influence and he will become even more of an irrelevancy.

Also, and off topic, has anybody seen today’s cover of Libé. I think it’s a great cover and a great article but then I don’t view the FN as a legitimate political party because of it lineage. I have always felt that De Gaulle made a great mistake in the way he treated the Vichyites and France has been paying the price for that error ever since (just as De Gaulle himself nearly paid with his own life). This is a debate that been needed for a long time and I feel that France will never make any real progress on important social issues such as immigration and/or integration until the choice between republicanism and Vichy is finally made.

Anonymous said...

Mitch, you're not alone.
I don't get it and even people at the Modem don't get it.

I saw Libé's cover. It's apparently a great scandal. I don't see why. It looked solemn but factual to me. Anyway today the PS representative was asked to repudiate that cover. The reply: I respect freedom of the press and I don't control Libération.

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