Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The De-Demonization of the FN

Marine Le Pen has succeeded: the barrier to cooperation between the "respectable" right and the FN has crumbled. Although 64% of the French oppose an accord between the UMP and the FN in the legislative elections, 64% of Sarkozy's voters favor such an agreement.


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On the other hand, the Modem leaders and figureheads tend to go toward Hollande:



Jean Artuis goes to Sarkozy.
If he waits any longer, Bayrou will speak after all his right hand men have spoken and his words will be meaningless.
It'd be to his advantage to push for a Hollande vote, because it'd cause a recomposition of the right, with a "center right" party that he could head, and a FN-inspired party for the 64% who want to make a deal with the FN.

Even the UMP is beginning to balk:
Mr. Fillon replied that Ms. Jouanno was completely stupid.
But if the UMP splits, as might happen, I don't know whether Mr.Fillon will go with Ciotti and Morano, or with Juppé and co.

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The French should never be allowed to forget just who Marine Le Pen is, and has always been.
To anyone who doubts her neo-fascist sympathies, leanings and connections, please be reminded that Marine le Pen was guest of honor this year at the fascist gathering, Vienna's Hofburg Ball, held on Holocoast Memorial Day.
MLP has never distanced herself from her father's Holocoast denials, and his calling the extermination of six million Jews "a mere detail of history". 
  MLP can wrap herself in the flag and claim to support Republican values, but she is just her father in drag.  

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This morning I was listening to the radio and I heard a man who seems to be quite respected (he was introduced as being a writer, a highly-regarded profession in France, and a personal friend of Jacques Chirac's). I think his name is Didier Tilignac and he said that the FN is part of the "conservative family". Therefore there ought to be no exclusion toward the FN.
I'll look for an article about this because I didn't write things down and I may get some things wrong outside of the "FN=part of the family"; it was strange to hear someone who's considered an UMP stalwart advocate agreements between the FN and his party and de-demonize it to that extent. It's as if he were saying the Fn's alright, Hollande is worse.
A Modem die-hard friend of mine told me that she couldn't possibily vote for Sarkozy now.
Bayrou himself told his troops to stop saying they'll vote for Hollande or anyone else and let him think till past the Great Debate that'll take place on May 2.
I'm not sure what the debate will accomplish: if during the debate Sarkozy doesn't mention the FN, will it nullify his previous statements for him (Bayrou)?
It's as if Sarkozy's statement that the FN is part of the republic created a political watershed.

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Here we go:


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I don't think it has crumbled though. NKM just a few months ago published a book against the FN. I suppose that's why it was Nadine Morano, not NKM, who participated in the Grand Journal program yesterday! Beside Nadine Morano, there was Louis Alliot (Marine Le Pen's partner) and Najat Belkacem -who graces the cover of les Inrockuptibles with 3 other French women: "Girl power - la relève à gauche".
(Before feminists tear me apart for stating "girls" as if it were appropriate, it's supposed to be a compliment in France because they're young. Not French-politician-young, which means 50, but actuallyn young, as in, in their 30s.)

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This reminds me of the situation in Australia when racist Liberal Party (read Conservative Party) candidate Pauline Hanson was first disendorsed by the Liberal Party for racist comments (against Asian imigration and indigenous rights, then formed the One Nation party which threatened to take the right wing rural and petty bourgeois base away from the conservatives. Prime Minister John Howard reacted exactly as here, took on a populist, nationalist anti- immigrant agenda and succeeded in in co-opting those votes, together with an increasing cohort of disgruntled working class voters from the Western suburbs (working class) of the major cities, and remained in power interminably.