Sunday, April 29, 2012

Did Sarkozy Take Money from Qaddafi?

So, Mediapart, which has been after Sarkozy on the Libyan connection for months, finally claims to have a smoking gun. Sarkozy's camp in turn calls Mediapart une officine de gauche. It is the last week of the campaign, when low blows are historically a commonplace. On the other hand, this particular case has been smoldering for some time, occasionally flaring, then subsiding again. Take the news for what it's worth. As for me, Anne Lauvergeon's comments on Sarkozy's relations with Qaddafi are damning enough, with or without a $50 million bribe. Still, that's a lot of fric.


Mitch Guthman said...

The Mediapart story is obviously on the money. The spokeswoman’s inability or unwillingness to flatly deny the Mediapart story tells me that the money was indeed offered and very likely accepted by either Sarkozy or the UMP.

Kirk said...

Let's assume he did accept the money. What did he spend it on? Campaign spending in France is carefully audited, and there are limits. (I recall hearing last week that Hollande was already near the limit.)

Anonymous said...

Sarkozy's suing: not for libel or defamation though - for using a false document.
What did Balladur do with the money.
What could Sarkozy have done?
Some Swiss banks might have an answer.
Who knows?
50million is a lot of money but their embarassment is quite telling.
Added bonus: A Lybian terrorist, Saleh, is being sought out by Interpol.
We learned that he was exfiltrated from Niger by French Special Forces and he's been sheltered by France ever since, in France. François Fillon claimed he couldn't be brought to justice since he had diplomatic papers thus immunity... except he doesn't. Embarassment.
His lawyer is a friend of the UMP's in Hauts de Seine.

Cincinna said...

The story says that the money was offered. There is nothing anywhere that states the offer was accepted or any transfer of funds took place.

What has been denied, by the purported signators is, that the document is a fake, never signed by them.

$50 million is quite a hunk of change, and not easy to conceal in a French political campaign.

Has no one questioned the source of funds Hollande has used to pay American political consultants connected to the Obama campaign? His enormous staff of debate coaches and media consultants?