Saturday, April 21, 2012

Le Flan Est au Four: Lawbreaking with Laughter

Around the Internet, netroots folks are working out their codes for reporting Sunday evening's results ahead of time without incurring a fine for breaking the law. "Le flan est au four": Hollande is ahead. "Les Pays-Bas mènent la Hongrie 29 à 27." "L'armée Rouge écrase la Marine." Feel free to post your suggestions here. I'll post the best ones with credit to the authors.

It's a stupid law, and il n'y a que le ridicule qui tue.


Gero von Randow said...

hUMPty dUMPty sat on the wall #RadioLondres

Anonymous said...

That article is awesome. I had quite a laugh.
netroots v. whatever administration dreamed that law: 1-0. In fact I can't imagine the law wouldn't be changed after bloggers and tweetos found such hilarious ways to subvert it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is a stupid law at all - people might decide to vote after all or change their vote if they hear the results in advance.

Why can't they wait one or two hours for the official results?


Anonymous said...

not stupid, mélanie, just ill-adapted to the modern world, like a whole host of other electoral rules, e.g. égalité de temps de parole. (in the case of the reporting rules, the law dates from 1977.)

the intentions are good, but there's a certain pride in the "way its always been done" that's naïve and ultimately detrimental to the country...

Unknown said...

It would be so easy to close all "bureaux de votes" at the same hour… This is probably what they'll do next time.

But changing a law is never easy…

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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