Monday, April 30, 2012


Sarko celebrates "le vrai travail," whatever that is, and of course it's in the 16th arrdt. (h/t Arun Kapil for the photo):


brent said...

Actually, thanks to Jean-Luc Mélenchon we know what "le vrai travail" is: it's a quote from Marshall Pétain, 1941--in case any FN voters were still worried that Sarkozy might not be with the program.

Anonymous said...

brent: it's a fake. Marshall Pétain never said that.
I had to laugh though when a UMP spokesperson said it was "worthy of Beria". Clearly she doesn't know who the guy was or did.
Then again, Nicolas Sarkozy compared himself to Hitler in a very weir interview on Sunday (something along the lines of "Hitler petted his dog. I pet my dog. But Hitler's not famous because he petted dogs.")
Nicolas Sarkozy does not need to copy verbatim to be in the same "spirit" as Pétain. I'm not sure we're there yet as I don't know any of Pétain's speeches. I am however very ill-at-ease with the way Nicolas Sarkoz is campaigning right now.
I'm fine with last-minute excesses (Obama is a socialist nazi! the GOP wants to destroy America! GWBush is friends with BinLadens! etc, etc. Although I love the "dog strapped to the roof of the car" for Romney, don't know why.)
But here, I feel we've veered into another dimension.
I'm having trouble characterizing it though.

The other thing that has surprised me in this campaign: "J'ai voté Marine parce qu'on m'a coupé le gaz." (The young woman didn't think "Marine" would turn it back on but rather that "the big" politicians would get scared and would think of "little people" like her, address her concerns, think of her when making decisions for the country. And in a sense, she was right.)

Cincinna said...

You love the Romney "dog strapped on roof" story.

How do you feel about these comments?

Obama on Sarah Palin and eating a dog:
  " What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? 
A pit bull is delicious." 

"I can take it- my stepfather always told me "it's a boy eat dog world out there". 

   Barack Obama
   White House Correspondents Dinner
   April 28 2012

Cincinna said...

Sorry, Brent My comment on dogs was to anonymous.