Sunday, April 22, 2012

Turnout Higher Than Expected

Le Monde: 1er tour de l'élection présidentielle : 70,59 % de participation à 17 h (ministère de l'intérieur)

This means that the ultimate turnout will probably be close to 80%, much higher than expected. Could this upset polling predictions? Possibly. But there's no point speculating. We'll know soon enough. Certainly the #RadioLondres reports that I've been seeing don't suggest an upset, but who knows how reliable how any of the supposed leaks are?

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bernard said...

well I wont break the law although I have like everyone else I guess the results which I love as I start reading and hate as I keep on reading. One thing for sure, the turnout is not going to be at all what was being predicted, is going to come close to 2007 and that, by itself, is a huge victory of democratic ideals.