Monday, April 30, 2012

"Une soirée de cons"

Given that a sex scandal nearly doomed the Socialists this year, you'd think that Julien Dray would have known better than to invite some of the top brass of Hollande's campaign to a birthday party in a former sex shop on the rue Saint-Denis, a bar known as "J'ose." And you'd think that DSK, the original sin himself, would have had the sense to stay away. But to think these things would be to underestimate the PS's gift for shooting itself in the foot, head, and less mentionable parts of the anatomy. Ségolène Royal, who came with her daughter, fled as soon as she heard that DSK would be among the guests, as did several other luminaries. But the damage was done.

And sure enough, with a new IPSOS poll out showing Sarko picking up a point (mere statistical noise to a mathematician), Rupert Murdoch's WSJ is trumpeting a shift in "momentum" and a last-minute surge by the incumbent. Somehow I doubt it, but if the PS manages to lose this election, the "J'ose" Affair will surely figure in all the retrospectives. Quels cons!


meshplate said...

Yes you got that right. Dumb and dumber!

Anonymous said...

An insider told me (and I don't know how credible the source is) that Dray had been hospitalized and thus couldn't celebrate his 50th birthday in March, when he wanted to. He pushed the celebration back and invited his friends (not necessarily Hollande's staff; Ayrault haughtily said he hadn't been invited for example). He had invited Anne Sinclair. DSK invited himself.
If Dray did invite DSK it was a colossal stupidity indeed.

Mitch Guthman said...

I don't know how these things work in France and especially in French high society but here in the boondocks it's assumed that to invite one half of a couple is an invitation to the couple as a whole.

(The fact that the upper echelons of the parti socialiste enjoys the lifestyle of the jet setter speaks volumes about what is wrong with the party today and confirms my low opinion of them)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure it's "jetsetting" to celebrate your birthday in a restaurant. In France it's often done.

The kicker here is that the restaurant used to be a sex shop and plays on that past: it has menu headings like "foreplay" and "orgasm". So Dray might have picked the guest and the place for maximum embarassment of his "comrades".

In the DSK/Sinclair case, I believe that they are two halves of a couple but as of now not "a couple" anymore, erm. So that inviting one does not mean inviting the other for those close to them, especially friends of Anne Sinclair's.

As for Hollande, Da Rockstar is baaack!
(I've never seen a least likely "rockstar".)

Mitch Guthman said...

@ Anonymous,

A fair point. Not my sort of place but a far cry from Fouquet’s and a much less chic quartier than the good working class neighborhood in which Hollande has set up shop. I seem to be a bit cranky today. Sorry.

I have no idea whether DSK and Anne Sinclair still think of themselves as a couple or not but, under the circumstances (them showing up together and all), one must suppose that they still think of themselves that way.

In any case, given the political environment, some degree of prudence would have been better, both as to the venue and the guest list. One should not sell the bearskin rug until after one has killed the bear.

Cincinna said...

The whole story is bizarre. April 25 is the birthday of DSK.
The elite of la gauche caviar PS meets at some out of the way tacky bar?

Robert said...

Why is it that everything involving DSK has ended in complete ridicule for the past year? A former sex shop? And was Dodo la Saumure supposed to spring out of a giant birthday cake or something?

Cincinna said...


Hotel maid can pursue sex-assault lawsuit against Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Bronx judge doesn’t buy his claim of diplomatic immunity

The Bronx is the absolute worst venue for DSK . Juries there are sympathetic to plaintiffs and give huge monetary judgements. 

bernard said...

I am less optimistic.Tthis may have been Dray's payback to his friends in the PS for the way they supported him when he suffered from watch troubles. It may also be DSK's payback. I fear they knew exactly what they were doing, including rue st denis.