Saturday, April 14, 2012

The White House Was In On It

The White House has confirmed that it was aware that Sarkozy was going to record and broadcast the first few minutes of their video conference. Hence we have to assume that President Obama willingly lent his support to Nicolas Sarkozy. I would like to know why, especially since Sarkozy in semi-private settings has not always been terribly complimentary of "mon ami Barak." Incumbents know the injustice of incumbency, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps, better admit this than to scowl at being used as props?

Anonymous said...

Sorry for forgetting to sign (again). The links above paint a portrait of France, a week before the big vote.

Now, the NYT has decided to interview Hollande and paints a portrait of the man. It's not bad but I expect more in-depth coverage after Ap 22. :)

DavidinParis said...

I believe that Obama and the WH diplomatic corp is sufficiently sophisticated to know that the French can be counted on to say something 'less than complimentary' behind your back. Remember, this is the guy who tried to reach across the isle to the GOP, which is even more far-fetched!

Anonymous said...

The guardian has an unfavorable view of the stunt.

Most people I know here just found it ridiculous or pathetic, like a boy showing off by saying " MY dad..."
It might not be representative and it may have hugely impressed crowds, I don't know. It just seems too transparent a stunt.

Cincinna said...

  It is pure folly to try and psychoanalyze something that is pure politics.
  Hollande is a Socialist, the candidate of the Socialist Party. The last thing in the world Obama wants to do is have anything associated with "socialist" anywhere near him. 
  Obama is unpopular, running in a very difficult reelection. He has basically no record to run on except high unemployment, high gasoline problems and spending the economy into astronomic debt, creating no jobs.
His landmark achievement, ObamaCare, a government takeover of 1/5 of tge US economy, on which he squandered most of his political capital in his first two years, will most likely be overturned as unconstitutional (that means illegal) by the Supreme Court in June.   
  Most Americans are suffering from rising prices, rising food costs, and higher gas prices. Gasoline was under $2/gallon when Obama took office. People need to get to work if they gave a business or a job, and if they don't, they need to get around to find one.   
  When I filled up my tank with gas on Friday for $73,    a whopping $4.55/gallon, I was not a happy camper.