Saturday, April 21, 2012

Winner in Reporting Code Contest

All the entries in the contest for coded ways of reporting tomorrow's results early without breaking the law were excellent, but this is my favorite:

Anonymous said...
Asperges sauce batave : 29 €
Goulash : 26 €
Salade de fruits rouges : 16 €
Crèpe au sarrasin : 15 €
Congratulations to Anonymous.


Mitch Guthman said...

I like the first three. Bravo! Need some help with the last one which I assume is Le Pen.

Passerby said...

@Mitch: "Sarrasin" is a plant used to make dark flour, a main ingredient of traditional "crêpes" bretonnes.
This is also a term used to design Muslim people during the middle age crusades.

"Crêpe au Sarrasin" in itself is very common/logical culinary association, which is certainly why "anonymous" used it. But I give extra bonus points to this 4th entry. The expression "faire une crêpe de" means "to squash".

The "Crêpe-Sarrazin" combo is a pretty good summary of the FN program over the years...

Anonymous said...


twitter's being very creative right now.
Of course the early results for North America and the DOmTOm are in. Although I doubt the DomTom are typical, they do spell real trouble for Sarkozy - if they were the only ones to vote, there'd be no second round! And apparently he's not even ahead in a city-that-shall-remain-nameless where he'd garnered 61% votes last time.

DavidinParis said...

Flan (avec son coulis parfumé à la rose) 27 euros
Notre celebre Napoleon (presenté avec une jolie fleure à côté) 26 euros
Notre selection des fromages 100% français, plutôt des chevres 20 euros
Une boule de glace au piment rouge 10 euros
Flan (tout simplement presenté sur une assiette ou dans une bowl ou comme tu le veux) 9 euros
Une sélection des fruits variées (prix au marché)